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Hanging Out My Dirty Laundry

Hanging Out My Dirty Laundry

Growing up I heard a saying: don’t air your dirty laundry. We were taught to handle our scandal behind the scenes, smile, brush the bumps from our ponytails and conquer the world. I believe it is a generational thing, keeping the struggles behind closed doors. […]

Let’s Get Real: A Social Media Challenge

Let’s Get Real: A Social Media Challenge

Hi friend, how was your weekend? I don’t know how you filled your days: parties and road trips, dinners late into the night? Plane flights, final destinations, plans plans plans. Maybe you worked. Did you sleep in or are you scraping by on power naps, late […]

Drumroll Please… Founded Magazine Sneak Peek

Drumroll Please… Founded Magazine Sneak Peek

Hey friends, some exciting news here: FOUNDED MAGAZINE IS LAUNCHING APRIL 21st!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 3.20.02 PM

It’s been over one year since I first began the dreaming process for this endeavor.

You see, the dream is the easy part. The eyes-closed, visionary, what-if process. The vocalizing it is a tad harder, but not much. You get excited. You share.

The doing? That is the hardest part. Taking the first step is a lot like ripping off the band-aid. It can be painful and raw, but oh, so relieving.

Dream-chasing requires a lot of you- of your twisted insides and digging deep and questioning and energy. You have to air your dirty laundry, ask for help, sacrifice, and wait. You have to be willing to pause knee-deep in the middle of the nitty-gritty to remember the bigger picture and make sure your current steps won’t hinder your future strides.

But it is here, it is real. It is happening (which is why it has been quieter over here).

So what can you expect to see on Founded Magazine? Articles like these topics below from fellow creatives, dreamers, doers, movers + shakers.

Without further ado, here’s your exclusive sneak peek into our launch:

launch- Kendall Hanna Photography-1454

An interview with Kendall Hanna of White Buffalo Project on conquering your fear, just beginning, & the importance of community


Words of wisdom from Yellow Conference founder & visionary, Joanna Waterfall | Since my co-founder & creative director Sarah and I met at Yellow and decided to start Founded during a conversation in that very space, this piece (and the conference!) has a special place in our hearts.

Nick and Shawn

What it is like to quit your 9-5, move your family, and start your dream business with your hubby | with Nick & Shawn of Press Fitness Club, my favorite gym and workout spot in San Diego


Authentic pieces on long distance love, saying “no” to a soul-crushing workplace, finding courage to make a move and start fresh, what it means to be “well”, and more.

We have a talented crew of writers and creatives sharing their words, images, and talents with us and we could not be more grateful- and inspired- by the outpouring of support and excitement.

Give us a follow on insta & twitter @foundedmag and like us on Facebook. Join our email list and be the first to know about Founded happenings and receive encouragement into your inbox. 

APRIL 21, 2015. Yup, big things. We can’t wait. Want to contribute? Email editor(at)foundedmagazine(dot)com

Something I want to share more than anything

Something I want to share more than anything

I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately. Conversations about jobs and careers, about bright futures and sticky presents, about figuring out when to say yes to that offer or no to this one. It’s no secret that I am excited right now. Buzzing. This whole weekend I felt […]