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Friday 5 Ways to Love On Others (& Yourself!)

Friday 5 Ways to Love On Others (& Yourself!)

Happy pre-weekend, everyone! I found myself thinking it was Thursday on Tuesday, so needless to say it’s been a long week, yet filled with some fun plans to break up the work flow. This weekend I’m looking forward to some R&R before the California 10/20 on Sunday morning. I’m excited to take on this 10-mile challenge and ease back into running periodically again.

Oh yes, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Whether you choose to celebrate this holiday in all of its pink candy hearts and chocolate rose glory or not, here are five ways to love yourself and others on this special day. (And a peek into my week).


  1. Mail a Valentine to your family & friends. That’s right, good ol’ snail mail. I get a little more than excited to receive cards and letters other than credit card applications and catalogues in my mailbox, and they will too. Handwritten notes come straight from the heart in a way no email or text message can.
  2. Bake cupcakes. (or brownies or brookies or rice krispy treats. You get it.) Lick the spoon. Laugh if they come out under-baked and eat them anyway. Share with a friend and give each other chocolatey-teeth smiles a la Bridesmaids.
  3. Have a “me” dateMy friend sent me a picture of Whole Foods sign the other day and it truly gets it right: “treat your body as though it belongs to someone you love.” This weekend set aside some time for a little TLC just for yourself. Go for a long walk outdoors, pour yourself a glass of wine and read a good book, or head to the movies solo (I do this more than I care to admit!). We gotta take care of ourselves so we can spread the love to others.
  4. Plan a lunch brunch or dinner date (and leave the iPhone at home). Did you know even having the phone silent on the table decreases authentic, honest conversation? The next time you gather with friends, I dare you to keep that sucker tucked away in your purse. Be in the now with the hearts right in front of you. (And if you really must, just excuse yourself and take a quick text break on the toilet.)
  5. Give a compliment and a smile. This tip shows love for others and yourself. Speaking words of honest kindness to your friends, co-workers, family, and strangers holds all the power to turn their day around. Now look in the mirror and honor yourself, too. Write yourself a love letter. Smile wide and own the beauty you were created with– now spread that light to others.

Here’s what else I’ve been up to this week:


These tulips are on their last leg- yet still beautiful, leftover from our Gal-entine’s Day dinner party. Fresh flowers on the table or perched on my dresser never fail to make me smile.


This quote speaks volumes to to just how important it is for us to share our stories and pursue our passions. Lindsey Eryn Clark of Coast to Coast Central dropped this tidbit on us at Yellow Conference last year and it gets me going when my fuel tanks are running low. I’m beyond excited you can now order the print here.


thought I wasn’t a fan of kombucha, but the spicy, peppery, gingery goodness of Cayenne Cleanse from Health-Ade has me hooked. I love how it tastes and love even more how it makes me feel. After another round of awful stomach pains left me fresh out of Pepto, I turned to probiotics and was pleasantly surprised how much better I felt the same day. (Totally not sponsored by the way- I am just obsessed with this tea).


On Wednesday I really wasn’t feeling this 4 mile shakeout run, but I chugged my coffee, got out there, and was beyond happy I did. Getting some fresh air, nature, and morning sunlight transformed the rest of my day and left me energized through work. Not a morning workout person? This will change your mind.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Gal-entine’s Day, and any other bro-equivalent. (Man Pal-entine’s day??) Spread the love, my friends.

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