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Cardio-Induced Panic Attacks are Real—Here’s How to Manage Them

Cardio-Induced Panic Attacks are Real—Here’s How to Manage Them

It was just another Tuesday night at the indoor cycling studio when it happened.

I stepped off my instructor bike to bid my clients goodbye, slapping sweaty high-fives on their way out. Suddenly I was overcome by a deadening squeeze in my chest and an overwhelming need to get away.

When I got into the locker room, I thought my heart was cracking apart and the world was about to end. My hands wouldn’t stop shaking and my vision grew foggy. I sat down hard on the tile floor beneath me and wanted to scream, but my lungs couldn’t gather enough air from my quick, shallow breaths to make a sound.

It was my first panic attack.

Cardio-induced panic attacks are real—but there are ways to manage them. Read the rest of my story and gain some knowledge from the experts in my latest post on POPSUGAR.


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1 thought on “Cardio-Induced Panic Attacks are Real—Here’s How to Manage Them”

  • Wow! I can only imagine how terrified you were in that moment. I have witnessed stress induced panic attacks, but never what you are describing. I am thankful that it was a panic attack, as frightening in itself they are, and not anything else. ????

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