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Redefining This Space

Redefining This Space

Grab your bulletproof coffee (my current experiment: 21 days of keto) and take a seat — we’re making a few changes around here.

I’ve been tending to this little plot of the Internet for over eight years now. And over the course of what seems like a lifetime, these pages have been my digital diary of sorts. While these changes are nothing too huge, I’ve been craving a bit more structure for myself and value for my readers when it comes to what I post on here. And I’m growing up — so it’s time my blog does the same.

As I shift my career 100% into the wellness realm, I want this space to be a platform for what I believe in — holistic health, faith, and living an authentic life. I hope through my stories I can empower others to live the good life. 

It all started a year ago when I decided to join my friends for a month of Whole 30. It was a challenging 30-day period of rethinking my relationship with food and the role it played in fueling my body — and in hurting it.  After struggling with and in recovery from a 13+ year eating disorder, my body was wiped out. And it let me know.

Hormonal imbalances, mood swings, depression, anxiety, digestive issues, migraines… you name it, I’ve been trying to fix it. Since my first attempt at Whole 30, I’ve focused on a more holistic approach to healing: utilizing food and fitness as medicine alongside my prescription regimen. While there are still ups and downs (it is life, after all), I’m finally getting a better idea of what works for my body, and what doesn’t. Ahem, cardio

Health and healing is a constant journey, and a daily decision — and as trends shift, my lifestyle changes, and new research appears, I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to continue to improve or find something that works better than the last. 

Once I made the move from SF to Hawaii at the beginning of this year, I made a total career 180 full-time into the wellness world. Instead of copywriting and marketing, I am now a fitness instructor, Orange Theory coach, and POPSUGAR Fitness contributor. I’m studying to get my Personal Training Certification from National Academy of Sports Medicine. I’m putting in a few shifts at lululemon slingin’ yoga pants and dancing the floor with new co-worker buddies.

My end-game? To partner with others out there (especially young women) to promote a culture of body-love and empowerment through food, movement, authentic living and faith. 

So yes — much of what I’ve been rambling about above I have already been bringing to the blog. It is my hope to continue with these real-life confessionals while dropping in some new tips and tricks, my discovery of the latest and greatest, giving trends a try (just call me a human guinea pig — I’ll sift through the BS out there so you don’t have to!), and offering up encouragement along the way.

May every word here be an encouragement, bit of light, or swift kick in the pants for you. Happy Monday, let’s get it!

xxo Aves

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