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A History & a Celebration

A History & a Celebration

Happy 1st Birthday to Some Blissful Thinking on

cupcakeWhile I have been blogging faithfully for over three years now, October 11th marks the official launch date of Some Blissful Thinking under my own name. It all began my freshman year when I was selected to be a student blogger for USD Ambassador’s Club. I wrote bi-weekly posts on a very colorful layout detailing my day-to-day, offering prospective students a peek into college life. I was then introduced to Tumblr my sophomore year of college after one of my roommates informed me that every comm studies student needs to explore the blog world (and Twitter). Inspired by Allie Safran’s blog, which started out on Tumblr as well (I have been a faithful follower of ever since), I got to work.

When I studied abroad in Cork, Ireland my junior year, my writing adventure took off. I chronicled my travels and daily life as a way to keep my family and friends up-to-date while I was halfway around the world. That was really when I started noticing my writing shifting. I was no longer simply detailing my experiences. Instead, I discovered how blogging allowed me to process the complex emotions, thoughts, and development of independence that comes from navigating life in a foreign country and growing up in general.

One year ago, my Uncle Jay gifted me with my very own URL under his hosting account. In a way, my blog grew up- and so did my writing. I experimented with design, layout, and concept, I dug deeper into topics that went beyond my daily life, and I began to develop a bigger picture. I fell in love with writing in a fresh, new way and realized I wanted to dedicate myself to it daily for the rest of my life.

 Today Some Blissful Thinking is running under my own hosted account. I am learning the ins and outs of what that means, where I want this to go, and constantly re-evaluating to move forward. Some Blissful Thinking is more than a blog, a website, and a post. It is a lifestyle, a channel for exploration, and a community of inspiration. It is a space to reach out, make connections, and attempt to put words to what can’t be explained.

I am beyond grateful for all of you readers, whether you are one of those who read occasionally, stop by even once, loyally follow daily, comment (thanks, Mom!) or none of the above. If I can touch just one person, invite one to think differently, inspire one by my words, then I am satisfied. I am a firm believer that God gifted each of us with something we must share with others for the betterment of the world. For me, that passion is writing. I love it, live it, and breathe it. Thank you so much for being a part of my journey and giving my words a moment of your day. I encourage you to discover your passion and set it free on the world. 


p.s. As always, I love love love hearing from you. Please feel free to reach out and contact me by email, Twitter, Facebook… I am always accepting suggestions, feedback, and questions. And, contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be my mother in order to comment.

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  • Wow! Can’t believe it, Aves! You really have come a long way. Your writing has truly evolved into something better and better each time you write. xo Mom

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