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4 Secrets of Fitness Motivation x Giveaway!

4 Secrets of Fitness Motivation x Giveaway!

I really can’t complain when it comes to the weather around here, but last week was downright cold here in San Diego. It even rained, bringing this beachside city in a perpetual drought to a halt. Honestly I would rather drive during a blizzard back home in Colorado than with San Diego drivers in a sprinkle of rain!

When the skies are gloomy and gray, it can be hard to remove myself from the couch and our current obsession of Greek reruns on TV.

But truth is, I always feel better after getting outside, even if it is just for a little walk around the neighborhood to grab a Starbucks or take a quick stroll on the beach.


So whether it’s the weather getting you down, or just daily struggles, here are four secrets to fitness motivation that will have you moving in no time.

Start Small

I get it. When you’re exhausted at the end of the day, it is completely understandable throwing around dumbbells and busting out sprints for an hour sounds worse than taking a trip to Antarctica in a bikini.

Instead, focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to the time you spend working out. Many boutique fitness studios offer shorter class times that still pack a punch. Bang out a Pilates set in 40 minutes at Core40 or spin for 45 minutes at The Rush.

Still sound too ambitious? Download the latest Serial podcast episode and walk around your neighborhood until it’s over.

Chase Progress, Not Perfection

If you are just getting into fitness or finding your way back after a hiatus or injury, the pressure to get in shape can sometimes crush even the most carefully laid plans for success. We strive to get in shape as fast as we can, landing us either discouraged or injured and back to square one.

While bouncing back, be sure to give yourself some grace. Strive for imperfect progress, taking little steps each day toward your goal.

It doesn’t matter how high your RPMs get on the spin bike, or how many miles you run. What matters is the decision you made to lace up your shoes and take those steps out the door.

Find Your Balance

One of my favorite analogies about finding wellness balance is this: it is a lot like a bank. Each time you make a healthy choice, like giving your body ample rest, eating your greens, making it to a workout class, and taking a jog, you’re depositing funds into your account. It grows stronger and more stable.

On the reverse, each time you skip a workout, indulge in a sprinkle donut, or stay up wayyyy too late, you withdraw funds from your bank.

And the part we need to remember? Withdraws are fine. That’s life. Enjoy the non-skinny margarita! Just remember not to overdraw your account to keep yourself well-balanced.

Dress Like You Mean It

Gone are the days of ratty gym shirts (though I am a huge fan of soft, comfy T’s!). Let’s all be honest- sometimes all it takes to get us to Pilates or out on a hike are some sassy new threads or high-tech performance wear.

Though summer is near, don’t forget to dress for the weather! I’m currently crushing on this EIGHTYONE20 fleece pullover. I carry it with me for a pre- and post-workout class coverup and stuff it in my backpack for hikes and camping trips.

This sweatshirt’s temperature control technology and wind-blocking is ideal, and it’s soft flexible fabric is cozy and moves with my body. You don’t want to be constricted during your quest for the top!


Good news! I’m partnering with EIGHTYONE 20 to give one lucky person a gift card redeemable for an apparel item on their website! Enter below. Winner will be chosen next Wednesday 5/27, and you have multiple entry opportunities each day!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


EIGHTYONE20 uses smart manufacturing and design practices, sourcing materials from the best mills in the United States. They are in charge of every step of their production process, which allows them to produce quality apparel for a groundbreaking price. Check them out!

**This post is written in collaboration with Eightyone 20. As always, thoughts & opinions are my own! 

Photography by Angie Afman

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    • Thanks, Mariah! Yes they are definitely worth checking out– it is still one of my favorite “adventure” hoodies!

  • I LOVE that fleece!!!! I’m guessing you have one for free??? and I’m wondering in the first photo, what are those green things growing out of your head? bahahahahahaha…just kiddin’ 🙂

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