10 Ways to Stay Productive Working From Home, Part 2

February 23, 2015

Let’s dive right in, shall we? Need a refresh? Begin here at Part One


6// Change it Up

A change of scenery every now and then is a great way to spark new ideas and find fresh inspiration. Seek out a new coffee shop or stake out a table at your local library. Sometimes a little bustle or just a new view is all it takes to go from blah to a ha!

Working by yourself can get lonely, so plan an occasional work date with another work-from-home buddy! Become honorary co-workers– it’s a thing. Bounce ideas off one another and keep each other motivated and on track when the going gets rough– even if you’re not in the same field. Bonus points if they also have a cute puppy… (Thanks, Jess!)

7// Sweat Daily

Did you know even ten minutes of elevated heart rate has immensely positive effects on your body? No only does a quick sweat help keep us fit, it lowers stress levels and offers a much-needed boost of energy. Take periodic breaks throughout your day to keep your body- and your mind- moving.

Try taking a walk when you’re on phone meetings or step out for a lunchtime Pilates class. Wind down with a jog or wake up with a morning spin class. Whatever you do, make a plan each week and schedule your workouts like they’re appointments. Find something you truly enjoy doing and you’ll never dread a workout again. It’s possible, I promise. 

8// Clear out the junk

In order to work effectively from home, you need an organized and inspiring place to keep you going. Clean out your desk drawers, hang up some fun prints, and light a candle to set the mood for total productivity. Make a pact to keep your home office clean and tidy, even if it’s just a desk in the corner of your bedroom.

Your workspace should help fuel your ideas and let them flow. Let this mentality make its way into your kitchen, as well. Stock up on healthy food and energizing snacks so you don’t have junk at your fingertips when the 3pm lull hits.

9// Make a list

My life coach recently introduced me to the Top 6 list as a way to prioritize what you need to get done in your day. Write down what absolutely essentially must get done today in order, stopping after 6 items. Make sure it is manageable! Then, make a list of errands, a list of tasks, and a list of phone calls you need done today as well.

Starting at the top of your 6 list, work on each project in order. When you hit a wall, pick one item on your other lists to complete to clear your mind before going back to the task on hand. The idea behind it is giving your mind a little break to refresh while still staying productive and getting things done!

10// Find your happy hour

Spending time in community is crucial for human happiness. At our core we are relational creatures, and when you work from home by yourself all day it really can get lonely! Joining a networking or interest group of other like-minded professionals gives you a space to bounce ideas off of one another, offer encouragement, and just have some fun. I recently joined a Life Group at my church to get more plugged in. I also love taking a class or grabbing dinner with my spin sistahs from The Rush or throwing a dinner party for my blogging babes.

Do you work from home? How to you stay productive?? Share! Read Part One. 

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  • Reply mom February 23, 2015 at 8:55 am

    I like what your life coach recommended about the 6 important things list. I have tried that over the years, but recently I find I jam-pack my little daily index card (they say that your daily to do list should be able to fit on an index card!) and only get a few things done. So-today I was very precise in what I need to get done. Let’s hope it works!!


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