Tough, Love.

July 19, 2016

Being tired doesn’t make you special. Being busy doesn’t make you special. We all woke up early today. We all have our shit. You can choose to be the victim, or you can choose to change your attitude. It’s about making a choice.

-My SoulCycle instructor, Lauren


It was 6am on a Thursday. The room was dark and warm and I could feel the pounding bass reverberate through my bones. There were nearly 60 of us packed into the room, sweat already beading on our foreheads as we adjusted our bikes and began to pedal.

But as I tried to close my eyes and get into the zone  for the next 45 minutes of this SoulCycle class, I struggled. I was so tired. 

And then my instructor, Lauren, dished up the quote above and it was a lightbulb-flashing-much-needed-sermon to my ears and my heart. At that moment I knew–

Sometimes what we need a big serving of tough love with a side helping of quit the bullshit  to get us where we need to go.

So here’s a helping served up fresh.

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Why It’s OK to Miss It — A Story of Nouns

July 12, 2016

Our lives are a constant ebb and flow of nouns.

People, places, things– we call them ours for a season and then we say goodbye, let go, move on, leaving a pile of nouns in our wake during each transition.


This isn’t necessarily careless, this isn’t even a bad thing. Circumstances change. WE change. We grow. Other places and people and things, sometimes they change with us. Grow with us.

And other times, they don’t.

This is ok.

So here’s my moment of pure honesty: a couple of weeks ago I started missing some of my old nouns like heck:

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Life Lately: Let It Feel Good

July 1, 2016

Mid-July marks my six month anniversary of my move to San Francisco. July 16, if we want to be exact.

(And if you’ve been reading along for the past six months, you may be dang tired of me writing about and talking about my move– but sorry not sorry, this topic isn’t going away any time soon.)

But today instead of waxing poetic on my love for my city, my home, I’m going to talk about enjoyment.


Blown away by the bay

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If I Am Being Honest, I Would Tell You This

June 23, 2016

I’ve noticed how easy it is to forget how to be alone.

You may not believe me if I told you, but I actually fall more into the category of introvert. In this case, introvert to me means this: I obtain my energy, I find rejuvenation, in solitude.

san francisco skyline

Five months ago, when my move to the city was new and fresh, I said yes to everything: weeknight concerts, dinners and lunches and happy hour mixers. Work projects and freelance projects and weekend trips. Dates. Visitors. Bumble.

I said yes to pretty much everything except to being alone.

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